There comes a time when one needs to just drop everything and head to a location of renewal and relaxation. Recently, I did just that. For six days, my husband Paul and I had some downtime on the beautiful island of Guam. He has visited before, but this was a first for me, and I enjoyed every moment. Every place we visited, we were showered with superb customer service, and the people were welcoming.

For a small island, there’s a good amount to see and do while on vacation. I work with some well-traveled individuals who frequent the area. They suggested a few activities that would be of interest to us. I was thrilled that we were able to do most of them and even a little more.

One of the six days, we took a four-hour tour of the island where we learned some interesting facts about the Chamorro culture and rich history. A few other highlights were the fun snorkeling experience, visiting the market at Chamorro Village and relaxing in the cabana on Tumon Beach.

Three Reasons You’ll Enjoy a Short Trip to Guam

Relaxation. If you are looking for a great spot to chill and relax, Guam is perfect for this. It’s very laid-back there. People tend to move at their own pace and just enjoy life. There were tourists in the area, but it wasn’t crowded at all. We most definitely let our hair down during this stay.

Great Food. I probably ate a little more than I needed to but that’s one of the purposes of going on vacation! While there are choices of well-known restaurants to choose from such as Panda Express and Taco Bell, we preferred to dine at the eateries unique to that location. Compared to restaurant eating in Japan, I did feel as though the portions of food were huge. Eventually, we decided to split and share meals.

This burger at Meskla Dos was so tasty and juicy. The fries were good too!

On day one, we had a delicious lunch at Jamaican Grill. It was like Jamaican food with a Guamanian flavor. The vegetables were fresh, and every dish we ordered was seasoned perfectly. One of the nights, we indulged in an excellent dinner at the restaurant PROA, which came highly recommended. The menu consisted of meats such as seafood, ribs, chicken and a variety of side dishes. The only downside to our experience was the long wait. I believe we waited about an hour or so to be seated. However, it was worth it. The food was superb, and the atmosphere was exceptional. We left there stuffed and happy. If you’re craving a juicy burger, swing by Meskla Dos. You won’t be disappointed.

The Beach. We stayed at the Westin and had access to the beach there. I wasn’t enthused with the hotel, as I’m normally a Hyatt girl, but I do recommend it for location. The beach was beautiful and quiet. We spent a lot of time relaxing in the cabana and even more time snorkeling and stretched out in the gorgeous blue water on floaties. If you don’t bring your beach gear, there are some items available for rent at a pretty decent price.

Our time away in Guam was fantastic. The next time Paul and I need a quick trip; we will consider this place as our destination.





Two Lovers Point


We stopped to pick up mangos.


Ever had coconut with soy sauce and wasabi?



Guam Museum