Peace Memorial Park

It’s been one week since my husband, and a few friends and I took a trip to Hiroshima.  We truly had a good time.  It was more educational than anything.  I was a little bummed that we got there the day after the POTUS left, but this trip was planned months before we realized that this was going to be one of his stops.

Long Drive But Worth It

Hiroshima is about a ten-hour drive from where we live and even though I didn’t offer up my excellent driving or navigation skills due to wanting to sleep, (the men drove) I was still tired once we got there.  Ten hours is just too long to be in one vehicle. When Paul and I go to Kyoto, we are definitely taking the bullet train.

Our tour guide, Sammy was very nice and informative, as a tour guide should be. I gained some dismal, but very interesting knowledge that day. I remember being taught about Hiroshima in grade school, but nothing is like visiting the actual historical site.

We were also able to witness a traditional Japanese wedding, get chased by the local deer and had some good food.

If you are ever in Japan, Hiroshima should definitely be on your list of places to visit.




Five-Storied Pagoda

Traditional Wedding

Paul getting attacked for his corn!

View of Mt. Fuji on the way home.