Great skin care is one thing I’m here for.  I’ve used a variety of brands, whether it be drugstore, department store or high-end items.  I truly enjoy trying new things.  What’s dear to my heart however, are natural products.

Making face masks, cleansers and oil mixtures, ect. has always been one of my passions. There’s no mystery about what’s being used and I get to experiment with clays, essential oils and other natural ingredients. The downside to this is that sometimes I don’t have time and others, I’m just too lazy. For these reasons, I began a search for quality products I could buy.

LimeLight by Alcone

As I’m getting older, I want to be more consistent in caring for my skin. While breakouts aren’t a huge problem for me, there are times I do get graced with blemishes. Also, I want to keep wrinkles out of the picture for as long as possible.  With the desire to get away from using a cleanser from one company and a moisturizer from another, I want to use products from the same line.  Here enters LimeLight by Alcone! If you’ve never heard of Alcone Co. click here.  I’ve been using these products for about 30 days, just like I normally do when I introduce my skin to a new regimen.  I feel that 30 days is a good amount of time for me to  determine how everything is performing.  What made the trial with LimeLight so different is, the changes I saw were almost instant and I didn’t have to use the entire system to get beautiful results.  I attribute this to the quality, natural ingredients used.

Most days, I prefer to wear minimal makeup and this line affords me the luxury of not having to feel like I need to apply multiple layers of foundation although, I enjoy the makeup as well. The botanical foundation provides a natural look with a lovely glow.

Morning Routine

I start with our Quench Cleanse. This creamy cleanser works great and leaves skin feeling soft. I’ll follow-up with Skin Polish which is a lovely, mild exfoliant that contains Jojoba Beads.  The lemongrass scent is heavenly.  I use this polish 1-2 times a week. For restoration, Calm Balm and non-greasy moisture, Skin Therapist.  The star ingredients in ST are pomegranate and oats. Lastly, I’ll finish up with a few drops of One Drop Wonder which is good for EVERYTHING (more on this miracle oil later).

Night Routine

After removing makeup, I use Dream Clean which is a low-foaming cleanser made with Soapberry. This refreshing face wash removes all impurities and traces of makeup from the day. Everything else I do is a repeat of above except for the Masque of Zen which is used in place of the Skin Polish.  I use this mask 1-2 times a week with occasional spot treatments when those pesky blemishes like to appear.  This is a GREAT clay mask.

There you have a quick, basic run-down of what I’ve done to keep my skin looking its best.  The process may seem time-consuming, but actually, it only takes a few minutes…25 at the most with the mask.  It also may seem like a lot of products used, but each lasts a long time.  Between that and the list of quality ingredients, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.