Every experience in life is an opportunity to be enlightened.  When I made the decision and commitment to return to having a head full of thick, natural hair, I learned much about myself and those around me.  Being happy with my crown, some days I wish I took the plunge sooner.

Tips and Revelations

1. Getting rid of your relaxed tresses can rob you of all confidence. Placing the majority of your self-worth in a box of lye is highly discouraged. Be sure that you are ready.

2. Algebra class might have been a waste, but chemistry really did serve a purpose after all. Have you ever made a low porosity hair treatment with liquid amino acids, greek yogurt and sodium bicarbonate? Also, you probably know that even though grapeseed oil has a higher smoke point than coconut oil, it is still not an effective heat protectant. Science rules!

3. Your vocabulary will be broadened and your vast knowledge of the scientific terms for basic ingredients such as tea tree and rosemary essential oils will impress your family and friends.

4. You will question “black pride” because it seems that most compliments regarding your natural hair comes from those of other races and nationalities. No one else “gets it” so they are constantly trying to give you some type of chemical treatment–relaxer, perm, laxperm, you name it. Family gatherings are the worst. If there’s ever a time to be mentally strong, it’s Thanksgiving.

5. Finally, you will learn that just like people, all hair grows at a different pace. You can’t rush it, but if you nurture it, you will get beautiful results in time.