Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2017 S/S was such a wonderful experience, and I’m ready to share what I captured. Posted here are photos from two brands. I will discuss a little about a few of the other showings as well.

The Collections

The first show I attended was Dressed/Undressed which showcased a collection by designers Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato.  This was an assembly of basic, neutral colors and for myself, a few wearable pieces. A person who prefers simple, no fuss clothing would definitely appreciate what this line has to offer for S/S 2017.

Designer Leonard Wong has a style that is truly unique. The pieces in his collection were edgy and gave a futuristic vibe.  I loved the asymmetrical cuts, the use of layering and how the fabric flowed with each stride.

Yuma Koshino adorned the runway with classy pieces which were beautiful combinations of soft and bold colors.  Her collection was definitely one of my favorites.  From the very first model to the last, I was impressed by each ensemble, overcoat and dress.

The last show I want to highlight is Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO (Philippines). Consisting of four designers, this was one of the longer shows and delivered a variety of bright and nude pieces. What stood out to me most was the mixture of light, airy, breathable fabrics coupled with heavier ones. I fell in love with the selection of colors, the layers, and strategically placed details which made the simpler pieces stand out.

Below are a few selected photos from my exciting week.

Designer: Yuma Koshino

Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO (Philippines):