Designer: Keiichiro Yuri

Photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. As my first experience at fashion week, camera in hand, I was sure to pay attention to every detail and absorbed a good amount of information. I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of shooting photos at an actual fashion show.  Spending time with diverse photographers from around the world was even more interesting than shooting the models.

Camera Pit

The Work

Glancing at photos in magazines or galleries, all that’s noticed is the beauty of the finished product. Not considered is the waiting, standing and sitting in lines for hours.  People don’t know about the effort it takes to get a decent spot in the pit.  Lack of sleep, long days, early morning and late evenings are exhausting.  Photographers must bend, twist and kneel to get the “perfect” shot, only to find out later the camera was on the wrong setting.  Holding on to thousands of dollars in camera gear while trying to not to fall off the risers is difficult. The task of hauling around heavy, bulky equipment is not easy.  While not glamorous, this profession is rewarding.

Although competitive, the world of photography is a wonderful community to be a part of.   Fashion shows are perfect to network, make lasting relationships and meet mentors.  I’m now eager to learn even more about photography and the fashion industry.  My life has been missing this kind of excitement.