It’s been three days since fashion week ended, and I can still hear the runway music playing in my head.  I walked into this not knowing fully what to expect. When my journey with photography began earlier this year, the thought of attending Fashion Week never crossed my mind.  Living in Japan has been full of many “firsts” in my life.  I am truly grateful for all I’ve been able to see and do thus far.

The Details

A dear friend of mine, who is a very talented photographer spoke to me about going and I’m so happy I decided to. Registration was in September and weeks later I began to receive invitations for different shows. I anxiously awaited the third week of October and when the day finally arrived I was excited beyond words! Even though I was unable to be present the whole week because of my 9-5 job, I did spend three full days in Shibuya. I travelled to the event by train which I’m not a huge fan of. However, in Japan, this mode of transportation is much easier than driving at times.

Upon my entrance to the Hikarie building, I got up to the 9th floor, signed for my pass and found a seat in the press center. I linked up with my friend and we ran into two other beautiful creatives. Both were there to cover the event as well.

The building had everything we needed such as food, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops. It was the perfect location which made waiting in between shows less painful. Walking outside was not required after getting off the train since the station and building are connected.


As for seeing individuals dressed in eccentric outfits, there were not as many as expected.  I’ve seen more  walking the streets of Tokyo on any given day.

The overall feeling of being at fashion week was amazing. At the end of each day I longed for a hot shower and my bed. I was deliriously tired but full of energy at the same time.  That’s how it feels when you work hard at something you’re passionate about.