I’ve just attended my second season of Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo solo and it was great! My time was a little limited so I carefully scheduled my days around the shows I really wanted to see.  The brands that I had the pleasure of shooting were Motohiro Tanji, Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO Vietnam, Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO Indonesia, Yuma Koshino and Lithium.

There didn’t seem to be as many photographers this time as there were in October, but a few of my favorite people made it. I even met a very skilled photographer I happen to follow on Instagram. I thoroughly enjoyed myself—especially in the camera pit. It’s great being in the presence of so many diverse and talented people who keep things hilariously entertaining.

The last couple of weeks were extremely busy, but now I can breathe a little. Time has finally permitted for me to sit down and go through all of my photos. With a few exceptions, I think I did okay.


What They Wore

Although I love bright colors and plan on experimenting with them more, mostly, my personal style is simple (neutrals) with a splash of color. Each show offered something I could appreciate. There were a few articles of clothing that made me gasp with excitement upon seeing the models step out onto the runway.

First up is brand/designer, Motohiro Tanji. This designer based in Japan, gave us a preview of beautifully knitted sweaters and in soft tones. Each piece appeared comfy yet stylish and unique. I especially loved the pairing of intricately designed tops with baggy jeans–and of course, the cool, clean and crisp Chuck Taylors.

Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO designers Nguyen Con Tri (Vietman), Rani Hatta (Indonesia) and Michelle Tjokrosaputro (Indonesia) each presented a unique take on the clothing that represents their cultures. I did expect Rani Hatta’s collection to have a little more color.  Instead, all models came strutting down the runway in mainly whites, blacks and grays.  Still, nice.




The star of my experience was the beautiful designer, Yuma Koshino. I absolutely adore her style. What can I say…the textures, the colors, the geometry. Loved, loved, loved her collection.


Finally, my week ended with a viewing of the collection LITHIUM by Takeshi Hiramatsu. I was super excited about the lighting in during this show. This was a compilation of clothing catered to the millenials and it showed.  There were so many young people lined up outside the doors waiting to get in during setup. Most of this collection didn’t really do much for me, but guess you can’t like them all. What I did adore was that fabulous fro!


I know the makeup artists that work on these models are professionals and gifted in their craft. I’m just always amazed at their abilities to create skin that appears makeup-less.

Until next fashion week!