LimeLight by Alcone has the best foundation I’ve ever used and really, women of all ages benefit greatly from it.  However, I’m over 40 and am writing about my personal experience.  As if you hadn’t noticed, I sell LimeLight by Alcone products, I use them and I love them. At this moment, I want to highlight one of my favorite products from our company.

If you are anything like me, you don’t wear very much makeup daily. There was a time I refused to wear foundation and actually, didn’t need it.  As I’ve gotten older however, I do apply a little to even out my complexion and mask imperfections.

Why I love our foundation

1. Easy to custom blend.  This is important for a few reasons. One being our complexion is normally not the same year-round. Most people are lighter in the winter than they are in the summer.  Factors such as medication, or change in hormones may affect skin tone as well. Our palettes are designed to allow users customize per their needs.  I like the convenience of having more than one shade in a single palette.

2. Does not clog pores. I naturally have large pores and they seem to get larger the older I get. In the past, I have used foundation that was too heavy. While the coverage was great, the makeup actually made by pores appear larger. I don’t have this issue with LimeLight’s botanical foundation.

The sun makes the best lighting for selfies! I’m wearing Must Dew mixed with a little foundation.

3. Feels light but coverage is amazing. Do you like walking around with your face feeling weighed down with makeup? I don’t. My beliefs are foundation should look skin-like and feel light. Because it’s 50% pigmented, less is required to achieve perfect results. Also, since this professional makeup provides full coverage, lots of layering is not required. I never feel like I’m wearing anything on my face which is a big plus.

4. Long-wearing. I wore shades MB5 and MB6 while on vacation in Guam. In the summer. Outside. All day. At the end of each day, my foundation was still intact and my face still looked great. I did sweat as it’s VERY hot and humid there in July, but I was just astonished at how the makeup held up.

5. Not greasy. I have very oily skin and nothing is more unattractive than greasy makeup that separates on the face.  My experience with LimeLight’s foundation is while my face is still oily, the makeup wears very well.  Actually, when mixed with a little of our Must Dew, the oil in my skin is more balanced.

6. Packing is a breeze. Instead of lugging around bottles and compacts of foundation, I get to pack and carry slim, practically weightless palettes. One of our palettes stores 6 pans of foundation.

7. Great value. Our Perfect Coverage Botanical Foundation will run you $36 per pan.  That’s an awesome price for what you get.  Thanks to the high-pigment payoff, a little goes a very long way.

If you have any questions about our amazing foundation, please do not hesitate to send me a message.