Welcome to 2018! So…now what? Do you have anything amazing planned? Many people are making or have made New Year’s resolutions; some are writing down goals or putting together vision boards. In the next couple of days, I’ll be focusing on reflecting.

There have been a few huge obstacles for me in 2017. Although not necessarily true, it seems as though this past year has been full of more downs than ups. I’ve abandoned some unfinished projects, at times had more money going out than coming in, and experienced a few losses; one was particularly devastating. Optimistically, I chose to examine each adverse situation to discover something positive–anything that would make me feel better.

Maybe your 2017 was terrific; perhaps it wasn’t. Whatever your experience was, there’s always a lesson or two to be learned. Here, I’m going to share some things that may save you from hardship and disappointment.


Some of the people you’ve looked up to have let you down, and it’s not their fault.

Did you have that one person who you felt could do no wrong, only to find out they were human just like you? What we have to remember is everyone has faults, and no matter how perfect someone may seem, the reality is they aren’t. It just isn’t possible. And to be honest, it’s a bit unfair to place high expectations on others.  Extend grace because we will all need it at some point in our lives.

You must take care of your body, and most of the time that requires taking preventative measures.

We only have one body–just one! Many times we mistreat ourselves by eating too many unhealthy foods, drinking too much alcohol or even enduring too much stress. In this new year, make a vow to give your body the treatment it deserves. Get proper rest, exercise regularly, eat better food and become in tune with what your body is telling you.

Don’t rely on one source of income.

I know everyone has heard this one at least one point in 2017. It’s always posted all over social media; specifically from network marketers. And no matter how you feel about people who participate in direct sales or any multi-level marketing company, it’s the truth. Everyone should have multiple sources of income. Not necessarily 20 jobs, but a mixture of jobs, investments and residual income. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you how easy it is for employers to replace you whenever they like. Make the necessary steps to get ahead of the game.

Death is inevitable, and you need to prepare for it.

Nobody likes to talk about dying, but it’s a part of life that no one can avoid. Do you ever think about what will happen to your loved ones once you’re gone? Coping with loss is stressful enough without having to worry about unpaid bills, unforeseen costs, and legal matters. I know you’ve seen the commercials! Make it a top priority to compose a will, get decent life insurance, and even declutter.

How much stuff do you have lying around the house that you no longer need? Over the past year, I’ve started clearing out old clothes and other dormant items that have been taking up space without reason. None of these things will be coming with me, and I’m doubtful that my family or friends would want to deal with a bunch of useless junk. I’ll hold on to valuables but other than that, goodbye and good riddance!

Keep going.

How many projects have you started and stopped last year? Maybe it was school, a new business, or a much-needed lifestyle change. The world can throw curve balls at the most inconvenient times and make things…interesting. What do you do when that happens? Take a short break and then get started again, or just give in to overwhelm and come to a complete halt?

If you’re reading this, you’ve crossed into another year. Just think about how far along you could have been by now if you kept going. Let this year be one of consistency and dedication. This time next year, you’ll be reminiscing about accomplishments rather than making plans to start over.

Just Remember to Live Your Best Life

This list of lessons is actually a list of reminders for most. However, at times, we get so caught up in “living” that we forget about the essentials. At the beginning of 2018, take the time to focus and reflect on the things that didn’t work out last year. Make some tweaks and live a better life this year and the years to come.