There was a time when I wanted a new Coach bag every year. I would get one, use it consistently for a few weeks and then on to something else. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used a few of them that I’ve owned for years.

Life Experiences are Better

Some people get this revelation earlier in life, but admittedly, it took me a while. Through my journey, I’ve come to realize that experiences are far better than material possessions will ever be.  I still desire nice things, but realistically, nothing compares to the joy of recounting precious memories.

Each time I purge my home of items I no longer want but just had to have, I think about what I could have done with my money instead. I’ve learned to be more strategic in my purchasing because I do have other passions such as travel.

Below are five things better than that $300 bag:

Purchase a plane ticket! Search the internet for cheap tickets to a place you love or better yet, to somewhere you have never been before.  Great travel deals are available all the time, you just have to take a little time to look for them. If you don’t want to fly, gas up the car and take a road trip or go camping for the weekend.

Start a business.  Did you know you can have your very own profitable business for less than $200? Well, yes you can! It’s gratifying to work for yourself, run your business the way you want, and seeing your investment grow.

Take a class to learn a new skill. Learning never goes out of style.  Sign up for that photography or sewing class you’ve been obsessing about.  Turn your new knowledge into a hobby or use it to make some extra cash.

Buy items for the less fortunate. It always feels good to help others in need. A great idea is to create gift bags of useful and desired items for those who are homeless or living in shelters.  If you have children, include them in the process. This will create special memories while teaching them how awesome it is to give.

Throw a party. Some of the fondest memories I have are from parties and gatherings with friends and family.  There’s never a reason needed to show off your music playlist and put some food on the grill.  Spending quality time with those you care about, and sharing great stories and laughter is good for the soul.

The next time you’re itching to drop your coins on an expensive bag when you already have a closet full of them, ask yourself if that purchase is really worth it.