To wear makeup is a necessity for some women, and often it’s not because they need it, but because it’s just so blasted fun to wear. I’ve enjoyed playing in makeup for most of my life. I don’t wear it every day, but when I do, I try to do it right!

Now, my right may not be yours and that’s perfectly fine–no two artists are the same. This post isn’t about preference, it’s addressing possible reasons your foundation doesn’t stay put the way you want it to, or why you’re constantly leaving the house with uneven eyebrows.

I know there have been times that my makeup was a wreck and I have the pictures to prove it. The art of flawlessly applying makeup isn’t difficult, but there is a science to it. The art of flawlessly applying makeup isn't difficult, but there is a science to it. Click To TweetHere are a few factors that should be considered when attempting to put on your best face.

 Your skin-care regimen is either broken or non-existent.

I cannot stress enough that you must take care of your skin if you expect makeup to mesh with your face beautifully.  No amount of foundation or eyeshadow can take the place of effective skin care.  Adequately moisturized and exfoliated skin plays a big factor in foundation that looks nice when applied. Proper face prep is also important. You want to use products that play well with your skin while helping the products adhere to your face. Search for quality products that are made specifically for your skin type and corrects issues such as oily skin and enlarged pores. Implement a regimen and stick to it.

Your makeup is all wrong.

Cosmetics’ performance has a lot to do with the way they are formulated.  There is a huge difference between professional makeup and other cheaply made products. For instance, pro makeup is more pigmented because of the high-quality ingredients it contains.  As a result, it lasts longer and has a better value overall.  A downside to this is that, high-performing makeup can be costly. If budget constraints are an issue, build your collection little by little.  Just make it a point to invest in products that are going to work with and for you, not against you. Also remember that quality is better than quantity.

You have no idea what you’re doing. 

This is nothing to be ashamed of–even the most talented makeup artist has to start somewhere.  Many women don’t know how to apply makeup correctly. I have YET to draw on the perfect winged liner, but I’m a lot better than I used to be, thanks to online tutorials and practice.  With so many resources available, there is no excuse to have the mindset that we cannot do something. If it’s not feasible to take a class in person, search for online instruction or purchase a book that teaches proper techniques.  Practice until you master your perfect look.

Your lighting is no good. 

When applying makeup, the right lighting is crucial. Have you ever set your foundation to perfection at home only to realize it’s two shades off when you get outside? I prefer natural light, but when that isn’t possible, I use my trusted Riki Mirror.  One of my favorite features of this mirror is the magnifying attachment that allows me to see all the things I normally try to avoid.  Investing in a well-lit mirror or installing proper lighting in your makeup area will truly make a difference in your finished look.

Hopefully, these tips will help. Happy highlighting!

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